Thursday, April 28, 2011

#314posts. Happy birthday LYC.

It's 29th April tmrw. what's big deal?!
As you known that, tmrw is gonna be a big day for Prince William =B
But too bad i have to go to school tmrw, and i can't make it for his wedding lololol.

&&&& it's another very important and big day for our big big boy, LYC.
Who's LYC?Liow Ying Chen aka Jackie :D
Teeehee, *happy to see your name appear in my blog again?*
& do you feel surprise? :D

Happy seventeen birthday my dear! Teehee, sorry that i'm preparing for my coming exam.
i can't celebrate with you, but hopefully we will celebrate my birthday with you nyek! :)
Good luck in your O'level! and wish you all the best. :)
Have a blast kay?! sheng ri kuai le.
gongxifacai angpau come come come hahahaah!

please don't fall sleep later, i will call you at 12 sharp :P
once again, Happy birthday. :)

US :)

The 1st pix we took together, do you still remember? :)

Who's the pretty in your phone? lol

Happy birthday, selamat hari jadi. :))

ya you still that cute, ain't you?

stay happy always kay! :)

With loads of love,
SiewYeeT. :)

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