Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love life.

I'm sorry for my inefficiency on updates. Life been busy for me. studies, hang out, friends and love. :)
How's life ? So-Far-So-Good. life been so good to me, the only thing I'm worry is about my studies. my mid-term result was sucks. And i  deserved this shits result. i know that i can do it better, but i just don't have the motivation. SPM is only few months left. i know that i don't really have time to study or revision. can someone wake me up or motivate me, please? :/

Uhmm, This is so not me. blogging w/out any pix. don't really take nice pix lately. that's why i don't know what to blog. :'(
it is a Saturday night, staying at home not going out, being a good girl, good daughter, good girlfriend. :D
i've changed. so much. i admit, :D
I changed because i love him. i stop flirting around. i stop texting with lots of guys. i stop missing my ex when i'm being with him. I'm not playing with love this time. Feeling so comfortable when he is around. I can do whatever i like even though he likes to bully me. =X He even dare to beat me. Seee, how bad is him. But who cares? I love him. Stop asking whether he is my boyfriend or not, or some question like, Are you in a relationship now? This is clear enough. :] 

What's more? Wait and read my blog.
I'll back with something kay? :)))))

I love my life. Do you love your life?
Life is too short to be sad or worry. Be happy when you still can have fun. =)

with love, Yee.

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