Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cameron Highland Day 2.

The weather in cameron highland is fucking perfect after raining. We supposed to visit bee farm, strawberry farm, cactus farm and so on. but raining day ruined our plan. We stayed inside the hotel room until rain stop. grandma and grandpa doesn't want to go out with us,just four of us. :D Cut down a lot of place that we wanted to go, we just went to tea farm and cactus farm. LOL 

The chocolate cake looks nice, but taste sucks! strawberry juice = AWESOME. you guys must have a try :D
we tried out carrot cake, oreo chesse cake. all so so only lor. nyek ;p
Then kor siang being our camera man. haha, there's some shoot he took for us.

stuck in the jam like 15mints cause of the night market. Cameron highland also traffic jam doh, don't play play! LOL
Then we cam-ho like nobody business in the car.

Grandma met up with her long lost friend in cameron highland. She's happy and excited to see her friend again, i can see feel her happiness. -_____-

But we were so boring cause aunty aunty talk, we couldn't joined their topic also. what to do? Cam-ho again la! TEEHEE

After that we went to night market AGAIN. Get some strawberry for my friends, and some souvenir. :D

sorry k if i scare you ;p

left one more post for cameron highland, :D
with loads of love, SiewYeeT. :)

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Li Fei said...

the photos very pretty =DD