Sunday, June 5, 2011


Life is pretty busy, no matter school days or holidays. my timetable are full almost everyday!
I went Cameron when the first day of holiday, which is Saturday. It was a 3days 2nights trip.
w/out daddy and brother but my cousin kor siang tagged along.

here's about the 1st day. :D
while waiting mummy to check in. @Lobby. 
The hotel just okay okay only, not 5 star LOL
i brought my laptop, but then they charged the Wi-Fi 1 hour for RM5. siao kan?! !@#$%^@#$
so i live w/out internet connection for 3days! CHEH kuat sangatt :P

Cameron got no shopping mall. you can find uncountable strawberry in Cameron hahahaha.
and i love their night market alot. a lot of nice food :D:D

The sister, kor siang , and me. :)

taken by kor siang, i was waiting for his msg. :/

 dinner after check in. :)

Steamboat as dinner! :D

choo wei.

yee yee.

Mummy, me, popo and gong gong. :D

Strawberry. YUMMY :D

sista, flowerssssss and meeeee :D:D

you turned my life upside down.

me and kor siang. 154 vs 183 LOLOL

againnnnn. strawberry with chocolateeeeee :D

J A G U N G. =D

who's sexy back? :P

Nice lehh?

it was a blissful nice staying in cameron highlands. :)
i had fun :D
ok it wasnt my sexy back :P

guess who is that i texting with? *shy shy*

more to come :D
loves, Yee. :)

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