Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hard Time

every relationship will need to go through a lot of difficulties no matter how much you love each other, yes/no?
Going through all these hard time, What's matter the most? 
At the end you will realize.. Saying I Love You is easy and it takes only few seconds, but when you have to prove it, it takes more than few months/ few years/ or maybe whole life.
& it's easy to like someone/ love someone, but when comes to forget. It may takes your whole life too.

I keep remind myself that, Don't fall in love, because it's hurt. But is it more easy to get into relationship when you keep remind yourself this BULLSHIT?

It's hurt, and really need courageous or take the risk to see how much the person you loved, he/she love you.
I'm learning, ALWAYS DO. I try not to give up easily, I try to believe that you're leaving so soon.
Undeniable this is fucking hard to accept someone you love the most at this moment, they are walking out or being apart in your life. KILLSHEART.

You are my weakness. Get it?
I don't want to live my life without you.
Or 98764235450525 miles away far from you. 

Trial is on which mean holidays off...
But one thing that i hate very much are my tears. Tear just drops whenever they like. Like damn so useless lor me. T______T

Can you hear me?
Don't leave or you bring me with you. *talking to the moon*


Alfred said...

wa so graveness
wat happen?
seem like he go...hv many problem

Anonymous said...

passed by~