Monday, August 29, 2011

Time after Time.

i repeated this song every single day after i watched 'THE VOICE'. Time after time , Javier Colon.
He's damn awesome, You guy must listen to his song ya. :P

I was going through all those fucking emo shyt thingy that i do not want to face or accept the truth.
Yea the truth that my boyfriend is leaving Malaysia to US. :'(
I took so so so so  fucking long time to accept and calm down myself.
I thought that is not real, but after he finished his Ielts test, yeah i know that is true. NO LIE.
I was crying every night before i gt into sleep. This is so hard. This is so sad................

But what to do? we all have to accept the truth, and FACE IT. Uhmm.........
I'm stil learning............ :)

I try to make it works.  I want our relationship to work again. Just appreciate every moment before he leave.
Just follow the flow. I can't change his mind or ask him to sacrifice because of me right? We all have to grow up. :)

so he date me out today! nyek :P
 THE FEELING IS GREAT. No more sad feeling, no more grave expression. 
I had so much fun with him. :D Wo hen kai xin. i can make sure myself sleep very tight tonight :)
No tears no sadness. HOORAY. Thanks my dear. =)

We watched Conan the Barbarian. rates : 3.5/5 

Then winter warmer. I likey this place many much. XD


 Left : MY BOY FRIEND. Right : MYSELF the cutie pie. HAHAHA *slap me*

I called it a happy day. w/ him. =)
Memories between us.! so i decided to blog tonight before i start my revision. :)

Chicken cheese bake, baby like it very much. :)
Feel like slapping me right? Oh yea i realize myself so CHUBBY. I must need have to on diet or keep fit. T_T
If not someone will think that she's slimmer/ prettier than me. *inside jokes*

Teehee, i brought my new toy with me too. I took alot of pix today. Some is with him. :D
i ask him to keep in his wallet!! *fierce girlfriend* 

Lepak around. I look so tiny in < left hand-side pix right? HAHAHAHA

 Conclusion, I love you, baby boy. =)
Time or Distance does not matter anymore. We will go through all these together.
And stay happily after all. right? You and Me will be together always, ever. :D
3months anniversary is coming. =)
blekkksssss prepare everything aite? XD


Night people, loves*

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