Wednesday, August 3, 2011

S-u-r-p-r-i-s-e :D

I thought it would be a very normal Tuesday for me although it was my 2nd month anniversary with baby, as it was weekday and i'm schooling. I never thought of receiving any surprise from baby because both of us was having tuition yesterday. But then....
after tuition and i got home after tuition. 
The florist sent a bunch of roses to my house for me. =)

This is the 1st time that i received flowers/roses from my boyfriend.
HAHAHAHA so romantic so sweet so happy that i thought i was dreaming! LOL
* i'm the happiest girl on earth la* Thanks baby boy. :D *wo ai ni O* 

HAHAHA this is what i called surprise. 
惊喜,真的又惊又喜啊 =P

But spell wrong my name. =S
EDWARD LIM ni bu hao de ni. bor sim bor sim!

muahaha and the best part is i ask my sis snap the roses w/ me. XD

without you baby. =(

i look so sweet right. XD 
as red as the roses. 


i know you feel like slapping me :PPPPPPP

谢谢你  我的爱人。 =)
感恩我遇见了你,由你来保护我照顾我 。


thousands thank you to my baby boy. =)
i feel so bad because i was mad at him after he told me he is gonna be busy today so that he couldn't spend time with me. I promise i will be a better girl friend. I SWEAR TO GOD. Baby believe me kay?
Someone please remind me to kind be nice to him.

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu my dear! :)

一切尽在不言中。我爱你 你爱我 就已足够 =)
因为我只希望你开心。 你的开心就是我的信心。
我会好好陪伴你, 在中学生涯的最后3个月 。
千言万语都解释不到我对你的爱。 只希望你会记得我。
生日快乐。=) 就算别人嫌弃你讨厌你欺负你,我还是会不离不弃。=D
马的 这样好的朋友去哪里找?
*baby 你不要吃醋* XD
如果我不是有edward 你们一定觉得我是lessbian HAHAHA.

要开心哦 =)
TMD我真的很幸福。 我身边的人都很好。
我爱的人开心,爱我的人也开心。 我也很开心。
我们一起开心到老 =DDDDDD

这是2月分的我。 变美料hor? *shy shy* XD

BYEBYE 我很快又会update blog le =)

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