Friday, August 12, 2011

Bikkuri Station

time flies like G6! It's already August, and hell yeah remind myself again. Trial exam left only 15days. =(
I'm back with something new!!! :)
Something new in BM town, to those who like to eat dessert, should give a try!!! :D
it's something like snowflake that you could find in KL.
Teehee. it's just somewhere near the wok city, same row with old town, opposite 100yen shop.
*promoting* They sell nice dessert!!! *yummy*
I can go there to have dessert for twice or more than that in one week. *fats*

My first time there with @weng koh and @Chia wei Tiu :D
Chia wei introduce this nice place to us. *thousands thanks*

 There are a lot of choices and more to come!

QQ Ball is x10000 Q :D

environment AWESOME :D

Thumbs up for all ! Teehee :)

Ah wengggggg the cutie XD

Chia wei the pretty :))

and me the aunty LOL

August please be nice to me and everyone! :)
my biggest dream is to stay happy with him everyday

. good night. :)


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Look great

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