Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday part 2.

So here i come after i don't know how long. I miss my blog a lot sincerely but i really don't have time and running out of time because there's only left one month to SPM. *panic panic*

Big big sorry to @Chia Wei because she was waiting for my appreciation post. lol.
Thank you to all my buddy for spending their precious time to celebrate my birthday with me. :)
@Chia Wei , @Pei Rong aka Rong mito @Weng Koh,
& another birthday boy @Traysom my new friend lol
He was elder than me one year, we were born in different year but same day! :D

Most of the guys are traysom friend. Lol

@Weng Koh, Heyyy.... Thanks x123456576897times! :)
You are the best best best boy's friend for me. You always be there when i need you. =/
It sounds so wrong, but yeah it's true. When i need someone to help, He is always there willing to help me. :)
So glad to meet him back after 5years. He is my primary classmate! :D
How small the world is? friendship forever. Ya, you still owe me birthday present! don't forget okkkk. hehehehe! :) next time when i drive i will bring you around ok? don't worry. hahaha :P
& try to ask your mama let you go home late!!

Teehee, finally your turn :DDDDDDDD
She's my long lost friend too :) We are in the different high school, and she got her own group, i got my own friends. but everything changed after i don't know when. yaadaa yaddaa and she is my best friend AGAIN now. :D She is a mature thinking love. Every time when i face any love's problem/question. TEXT HER/ TALK TO HER. Then everything will be alright. She's great friend. :D 
Don't forget my present ok? Hahha then i will also buy you something when your birthday. but still long ago la. focus on SPM first k? *loves loves*
She's very tam chiak but she is still slimmer than me. look at her legs. damn nice and i damn jealous!! T_T
and she is that kind of people,keeping saying herself fat although she is not all !! RAWR
SO YOU MUST EAT MORE, As fat as me le then i will love you gao gao. :P

3 of us :D

another birthday cake for me! :)
*happy face*

Rong mito on the left, Anjoe on the right. :)

birthday boy and birthday girl :)

 Happy birthday to us :D


Had a serious fight with him, i'm sad. :(
What should I do? I have to be strong to face all shit.

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这就对了嘛.... 哈哈