Sunday, October 30, 2011

a little not over you.

gotta quit blogging a while because i gotta prepare for my spm. like fucking real hard. lol.
wish me luck wish me luck olala i hope i really can focus and concentrate! cut down activities please.

some very random pix in this post. :)
enjoying viewing k? i wil be back after SPM which mean after december. lol

I'm fresh graduate from high school. say hello to long hair. :D

another bad day, to make myself happy..
scroll down.

Yea here it is, TUTTI FRUTTI. :)
Addicted to tutti la, yogurt can make me happy. :D

Then a very sad Halloween.
but i just gotta smile all the time!

partner in crime, Juno and Traysom. :)

Sorry if i scare you. :X
but this should be the reason we all dressed up for halloween right?


The very handsome boy. :)

credit to Juno ng. :)
i damn rike all these pix! haha. *memories*

Then watched You are the apple of my eyes, 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 in 1st avenue. :)
Thumbs up for the movie! very nice. worth to watch for another time lor! anybody wanna date me? LOL

w/ suki.



Ki Mei hai :D

Their fav, chatime! 

very innocent boy!

taken in the library! :)

I just gotta believe i will be fine..
i just gotta be strong. :)
Some people come into your life, just wanna give you a lesson.
People come, people go. This is life. Just make sure you don't regret for all the decision you've made.
Fake a smile, to make others believe that you're fine, even though i'm pain inside. no one could understand how i feel.
Be more independent, be happy. =)

achieve my goal. don't waste my time anymore.
*SIGH* :(

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