Sunday, October 2, 2011

rock seventeen!

As I mention earlier,this post is gonna talk about my birthday.
I'M OFFICIALLY SEVENTEEN. wtf, like keep telling the whole world i'm older one more year.
I would like to thank all of you who wish me on that day. no matter in facebook, text message, call, and all.
thousand thanks terima kasih :-)

First of all, i would like to thank my baby boy. =)
His real nickname! i just dont know why he wants to call himself as edward.
Jaron is 9874324568times nicer than edward ok? :P
He called me all the way from US. *touchmyheart*
He was the first one who wishes me! tears rolling. too bad we couldn't celebrate together. but it's ok. it's fine. there's so much time still. remember my ring! XD
even though i broke the promise that i made, but still my heart belongs to you all the time.
We'll wait together and we'll see each other very soon. *TRUST*

Move on, a very big thank you to @Ct Woon aka my bao bei. 
she gave me a very big surprise, she bought me a slice of chocolate cake from summer bakery.
& she sent it to my place although she was sick that time.  I was napping that time, and she called ask me to open my gate. Argh. so happyyyyyyy =P
Thanks, i love her alot. she's one of my awesome friend! She's caring,friendly, lovely..
She loves everyone sincerely, she doesn't gossip AT ALL. She jokes with us everyday, she play with us everyday. She helps everyone, no matter what happen. she's just so so so kind. For me, i always worried about her, i'm afraid that she will get hurt one day. I'm telling you, be smart always =P
Don't get bully, if anyone bully you, JUST TELL ME! I'll snap die her lol 
and she's the reason why i do not want to graduate so fast. please, you must miss me ok? :'(

Thanks bao bei, ILOVEYOU. =)

You meant a lot to me, still remember last year? When people tried to pull me down, you're the one who cheer me up ! with adrian boo =P

Who's the next? Hehe, IT'S YOU. my another sweet girlf. 
PEI RONG aka rong mito.
She also one of the very naughty girl ! =P 
She came my home to give me surprise. i was out to somewhere. and she just wait me outside my house.
OMFG. When she called me and ask me to go out, I WAS LIKE AGAIN. Another one.
my thought was, woah she loves me so much. LOL wtf
& she sang birthday song for me, I made a wish and blew off the candle. *tears really rolling that time*
I almost cried! because if you ask my mum n I to wait someone outside their house, just to send her birthday cake and birthday card, she would rather kills me. wtf 
I appreciated !!! Thanks my girl!

I couldn't remember how we get to know each other, i can't remember how we became so close. =)
Everytime when i'm upset with my boyf. She's like my rubbish bin. I just vomit everything inside.
She listens everything, she comfort me, she teaches me how to love. Thanks a lot. !
My boyf asked her to take care of me, and i think she's doing her job very well.
She makes me feel like i'm wanted even though the boyf is studying aboard now.
So i will do the same too, ok? Let me know if you're sad, upset.
I'm always here and there for you. 24hours. *promise* 
Your big day is coming too. Have a blast my love! :)
Friendship forever. Hope that i really can be your best friend one day!
Thanks for your choc mud cake. *my fav* :)

The only birthday card that i've received this year. NICE CARD. Xie xie ni . =)


VivanT ,
Thanks for lying me LOL I knew all of you want to surprise me! Haha.
But failed. =P it's ok still, i'm really happy! She's stubborn sometimes, she goes crazy easily, she get distract easily too, and the most important, she loves branded stuff ! every time when we talk about branded, wah she damn semangat lol ! and one more thing, you've changed a lot vivan. =D
We been through a lot together, we fight, we gossip about each other, we laugh together, we eat together, tuition together. i won't forget all these! let's forget those sadness and hateness, and start everything new!
because now, you meant alot to me. ya, seriously! Friendship will never faded. ok?
We are going to graduate after 12 days! We will still go out together always ! 
Remember bangkok and singapore ok!! Mwarhs. Ai ni O :P

Zi Yan
 tehee my deskmate! =)
Why you lied me saying that you are going to absent on my birthday. i don't believe at first, but after talking to you on the phone, i thought you are really gonna be absent. cause your voice was so sick. RAWR
GREAT ACTRESS =P *thanks for lying? wtf haha*
I love your craziness! and i love your hard working attitude too. this is what i should learn from.
but sitting beside you almost one year, i still that lazy! :' I don't know why gahhhhh.
We crap alot gossip alot. haha, i love you. but you don't love me T_T
We must still keep in touch after graduate ok. my heart will always be with you, until the end of the world lol.
Take care always! i surely will miss your very annoying voice! hahahaah *loves loves*

The very fierce girl. Thanks for planning for my birthday ya! :)
Hope that we will still able to go out to anywhere everywhere after graduate! You always remind to stay strong, and you always care about me. I can feel it. really, my girlf! :D 
ya thanks for your very long long long birthday wishes text message! *heart melting* :P
Sometimes you looks so fierce until i dare not to talk to you, smile more ok?
please motivate me to be hardworking like you nahhh! =P
Next time Raja Uda tomyam me i 100% fetch you hahahah lol ai ni ya! :)

Fong Fei ,
Woahh. don't know are you reading my blog or not. =p
but i think mostly you won't read. T_T Nevermind, just let me talk to the air!
you're a bright student and i couldn't believe that we're good friend now! hahahaha
We are like from two different world, haha. Can you imagine i'm telling people, the top student Fong Fei is my good friend? And you are gonna tell people that, ya that very bad girl SiewYee is my good friend. *silly*
Thanks for fetching me home always! lol. Next time i'll be your driver too k . 
thanks for being my listener too! i always feel comfortable when i talk to you. :)

JiaYin, Mimi 
=P Woah, you're Ziyan enemy's! hah but still i know you two love each other alot.
You're the one who went to buy the cake right? and brought spoon and tissues to school ;p
*bow* Xie xie ni ! =D The cake was so delicious and yummy you has a very good taste! haha.
I know you are going to study in Disted after SPM right, all the best to you. and we shall always meet up k. your car plate i will always remember. PJY xxxx ! wtf so cool ! 

Ivy Yu han ,
Nah after you got your boyfriend ni bu ai wo le! T_T
But still thousand thank you, for coming to school to wish me happy birthday haha.
even though we failed to go to tutti frutti and i even mad at you, but stil there's always a chance! ok?
I GOT A LOT OF STORIES WANNA SHARE WITH YOU, when only you gonna be free? :'(
Dump your boyf one day to listen to me, ok or not? :(
I'm afraid that next time don't have the chance already noh. cause we're graduate soon.
& you still can't drive , undang also havent pass ! LOL Hahahaha!
You're my BFF always, no matter what! =D

CHOCOLATE BLUEBERRY from my dearies! =)

My eyes was swollen because that is still very early. fuck jit sin that cannot bring cake to school. -_-
so we have to settle them before class start. :'(
Your truly w/ ze very delicious cake! :)

w/ my zhen zhu ! :D

was cutting my birthday cake! so much different between this year birthday and last year birthday.
I feel love is in the air! :)

Me berry happyz w/ mua kawaii cake wakakaak. LOL
 *saliva drops* 

wootz. look at ivy ! pattern banyak dah =P
hahaha and my very tam chiak face!

They all camera shy include ivy, because she was make up-less that day in school LOL

cutting and sharing cake to my classmate! =)

I won't forget when i turn my body to see behind, i can always see you guys. Hah! :D
so good to have you all in my class!
 Camwhore in the classroom. ;]
12days more, i don't have to wear this bluey bluey uniform :p
I'm gonna miss it haahahah

w/ adrianB domo's pencil case. i rike it so much haha!
once again, Happy birthday to myself.

There's still one more post about my birthday!
It's about my outing with peirong,chiawei and wengkoh and blah blah.
I still need to thank them =P for giving me such a wonderful birthday!

everything happen for a reason, I can't hide myself up, i can't fast forward it, i can't avoid.
But what can i do is always fight with it, i cry alot, but doesn't means that i'm weak.
My life without my boyfriend around wasn't that bad, because i still have a bunch of awesome friends around me. They made me happy when they saw i cried alone. they cheer me up when they saw i moody. They are being so sweet and caring all the time. This is what all of us are looking for, A very worthy Friendship. :)
I found mine in my last year of high school life, the life without drama, without war. Thanks for everything! 

lot of love,


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