Saturday, March 24, 2012


It was just a random outing. w/ suki & nelson.
oh ya, i was looking for pink dress for Suki's birthday. lol
Hang around and dinner w/ Boonsheng, vincent and blah blah blah. too long to list out all of em.


Me ? Her ?
Guess and see. :)


while waiting suki in kitchen.

Chatime is a MUST! :D

Happy belated birthdayyyy to you. :D

My dinner.

w/ boon sheng! 

 Started my college life in Disted. i'm doing A-levels. I'm taking Business Studies, Economics and Accounting FYI. i know that's alot of question mark for people who are " CARE " about me. I was doing SAM so-called south Australian Matriculation before i transfer to A-level. Why i change my mind after one week, it's because I don't like Sam and actually that's no problem for you guys right? it's my own studies. My parents are fully supporting me so thanks for caring. -_- 

I got my SPM result on Wednesday. I did very bad. That's all i can say. Don't ask for it k? 
But i guess this is a very good lesson. I could do better but i take things too easy and now, i fall.
It's pain but i guess i just need to hold in on and stand up from where i fall. I swear i will do better in my A-Levels. Congraz to all who gt their with flying colours and don't upset for those who same like me, gt the result are not that good. everyone deserve a second chance. We just need to look forward and do better.

Still adapting the college life, hostel life. Time to grow. Time to learn. To be alone. really thankful because sis has given me alot of advice about COLLEGE. still observing. =) 
Life style and routine are back to normal like FINALLY. before college starts, i slept around 4 or 5 in the morning. and now, i can sleep like around 11 or 12. haha. pretty enjoy my life now. people around are really awesome. argh. there's still alot to talk about my college life. =P
too much to write but too little time. *actually i'm lazy to write* haha.

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Be back for more pix, loves.

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