Thursday, March 29, 2012

sweet eighteen.

currently rotting in my hostel after class, FOR THE FIRST TIME the wifi is working! so that's why i sacrifice my nap time to update my blog. :D just finished transfer all the pix in my ipod to the netbook. At least got some pix to upload teehee :) so what's the latest news.... hmmm.
here we go, we were celebrated kun pei's birthday yesterday :)
Happy birthday to you :D 


spend like 4/5 hours to finish this card in the midnight. damn proud of myself.
but another day i was like a dead fish in the class. After class, we went to Vanilla Place @ Gurney for the celebration. The food there quite nice. Next time if you guys want to date me, can consider have lunch or dinner over there. i would like to go muhahaha. *siao zabor*
He is not the birthday guy. He is KT. -_-
Looks so retarded right? 

Ya. this is the birthday boy. ELO :D

i bought the chocolate cake for him. teehee :D so sweet right -_-

The group of friends planned and wrote this behind his car.
i was sitting his car back to his house for the BBQ party. 
indeed some people really honk. haha. some people even used their phone to take pix -_-
damn crazy right? but this is really funny. haha. 

Kt w/ me. 

He said he looks handsome in this pic. GOT MEH?!

plus another CHIKO. YikSurn. haha

 SOLO. LOL cam-ho Queen.

 me w/ le birthday boy :D 

Make a new friend, Chien Huey. :D
i really admire her height and i kinda miss talking to her cause i rike her voice so much!

and what, she is freaking friendly and cute :D

Woah see who's with me? THE VERY FAIR AND PRETTY GIRL , Jynn. :)

and she's skinny. so zi bei when i stand beside her. :(

Teehee both cute girls w/ me. Kristine and Nicole :)

both of them scored 10A's in SPM. damn geng!!!

Its me again. the very hiao blogger.

Try not to think so much, try to stay happy always.

Had a great night. :D

pix ini diambil pada waktu petang tadi.
ok FML my bm phailed.

VAIN. o_o

lunch with him again. VERY SIEN NEED TO SEE HIM EVERYDAY.

Beauty and the beast. muhahaha :D

i spent mt RM200 voucher like finally i still can get it and use it. BERRY HAPPY. :D

and here is my hostel room pix. :)
Just want to show you guys that how small is it, because Kunpei's said his house bathroom is bigger than mine. i don't trust him at first but after i went to his house yesterday. i really speechless. /.\

my little table. :)
really messy cause i took this before i clean up my table.

i'm sleeping on top. 
i really want a bigger room but i can't find any room to move out. 
the bad part is i'd paid for half-year renting fees dy. and that is not refundable. 

Teehee. This is me. The quality is better right? cause i used my camera to take it but not itouch.

#1 i look so fair. muahah

pretty right? :D

rushing off, going out to have dinner w/ aunty!
please pray for me that i can connect to the wifi tonight after my dinner.
kthnxbai. :D

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