Sunday, April 8, 2012


Super late birthday post for Suki Ng.
I got all the pix since her birthday. just don't have the time and chance to blog about it. :)
it's 8th of April already. which mean i blog about it after one month of her birthday. LOL
late nehmai la as long as i got the heart right. Teehee. Happy birthday to you SuKi Ng. 

Hui Joo & Myself. :)

KarChun & Suki : The birthday girl.

Hui Joo , Suki , Kar Chun. :)

Sooyee and me. 


Friendship forever.

Went to bora bora @ batu feringghi that night. :)
one of the waiter is handsome and what, he asked my facebook's profile before i leave. hehe. *blush*

birthday cake. PIGGY -_-

she looks so happy w/ le cake!


lastly, happy birthday............after one month. Hah!
All the best and good luck in everything.
I love you still after we've been through so much.

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