Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bangkok trip. Trip to bangkok city. Day two.

here we go my second day in bkk. had breakfast early in morning before we leave the hotel. ;]

my fav. :D

1 x 2 x 3.

 We decided to go to MBK & Platinum Mall for shopping.
Platinum Mall is the largest wholesale mall in Thailand. It has more than 2,500 shops.
Oh ya, remember to ask for wholesale price if you buy more than 2 pieces. Most of them sell their stuff @ 2 for 500bahts . 1 for 290bahts or 1 for 320bahts. Get lower price if you buy more.
Shop shop shop & shop til i couldn't feel my legs anymore. T_T

Our main transport in bangkok ! :D
' Tuk Tuk Car' hehe!



w/ ze mum! :D

she looks cute. Mummy, thank you for everything. :)

We met up w/ Jeron in bkk since he was there for his vacation too.See we can even meet up in other county, awesome right? haha!
He is getting slimmer and personally think that he looks quite handsome. 
 but sorry, he is taken haha. 

We had a wonderful dinner buffet @Bangkok Balcony, Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It's located on 76th floor of Baiyoke Tower, that is the tallest building in BKK
Luckily he did reservation earlier so we didn't have to wait in the long queue. 
& thank you for the awesome dinner.

The night view .

enjoy eating my ice-cream.


I like this pix a lot. Feel so natural hahaha.

Ka-wa-ii NEH. *bitch slap* haha

Last but not least,
Happy birthday to this big boy!
He is turning to 20 if i'm not mistaken lolol.
have a blast one and stay happy and fat fat always! :D

It's August already. 
please be nice to everyone. :)
Need to use my time wisely, hope i can cope w/ my studies. T_T
Trial exam is coming, then after that AS and AS2. 

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