Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Khunthai Village, Penang.

outfit of the night.

The ring that i wore that night. *OWL*

nice ear ring right? :)
Thanks @apek haha!

before heading to dinner.

As you can read it from my blog post title. This is gonna be another food post. :D
Last weekend family and I went to Khuntai Authentic Restaurant for dinner. I guess it's a small birthday celebration for my cousin brother which his birthday is on Monday.  
Happy belated birthday MingJay. :D

I'm sick. T_T but don't feel like staying home alone and i guess i should go with them because sister back from her university, we hardly can have dinner together lol.

Where is Khuntai Village?
Jalan Pematang Tengah, 
13000 Butterworth.

contact no : 04-3327523 / 012-4313537

the moment when my food comes! * O.O * haha!

Lemon Fish RM48.00

Spicy Asparagus RM12.00

Fried egg RM9.00

Seafood Tomyam RM20.00
which is my favourite hehe. too bad i was sick so i didn't take much. 

 Fried Cn Kala w Oyster Sauce RM8.00

Fried chicken RM10.00

Nom nom! The food they served are delicious. :D

Dessert we had Fried ice-cream RM15.00

people mountain people sea.


no doubt we have a great dinner at Khuntai. 
it's a place suitable for all kind of gathering with friends, family and more. :)
To those who have never been to this restaurant, you all can give it a try. 
& i'm pretty sure that you all won't regret :D

Last pix for this post, very random and out of topic.
but the caption said it all,

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