Thursday, September 20, 2012


staying up until 6o'clock in the morning today and i woke up around 5 o'clock in the evening.
skipped all ze class and ffk all my friends which they actually came to my place and wait for me.
they called me a lot of times but i didn't notice at all. too cool. HAHA.
so i lost my voice. i talk like a man, sexay voice. i can't sing oppa gangnam style right now already lol ! lmao.
was away the last few weeks because i was having my trial exam last week. Trial exam for my A2 ( A-level) not SPM or STPM ok teehee. lao beh right if people think im still 7teen. lol.
but ok fml i screwed up my trial exam ( like usual) i'm not good in studies oh noz. and i just way too lazy to study. no ohm no form how to study. haih. and my REAL AS & A2 EXAM IS IN LESS THAN 20DAYS. i can't fail my a-level or else i will need to be private student because i didn't extend my a-level course.
i just want 3 passes which i must get E or above only can do my degree course. 
&&& i actually hope i don't get E T_T because very mempersiasuikan if my result slip get all E T_T
haih. life ah life. why so hard.  i think i really need to work harder. i want all C can? LOL
p/s A-level is not easy as ABC . it is the hardest course on earth. 
but like what people said, don't regret for any decision you made. 
i know it's not the time for me to regret, i just need to work harder a bit and everything will be fine. :)
finally got :) smiley face lolol.

nice or not?! i got it from BKK which cost me for 100baht. 
around RM10 . TEEHEE. please say i have a good taste.

but this is also the first time in my life -___-
which i need to say thank you to Vivan's bro. = TAN HAO PENG.

oh something i found in my insta. the quote i wrote it.....

so not me, but yah. i can be super loyal and show all my love to the guy that i really like or love.
even though i know we shouldn't commit to someone so early i mean we are still young.
but i'm not those play-play kind of girl. I also want to find a guy that very romantic very nice very ke ai very handsome very caring one ma. haih. why you all no believe me T_T
i can't force people to like me or listen to me, but if you think you know me then you're wrong.
you don't know me at all, not even closer. you know nothing. you know my name, not my story.

hair is growing slower and slower. T_T
Can you grow faster or not. i want pretty long long hair. >:(

Went to AH NUI CHA KOAY TEOW few days ago. 
okay first time eating. REALLY NAISE. TEEHEE. but super oily and i still can feel the fat now. :(
not forget to mention, i gain weight. i guess? T_T
cause someone keep telling me i'm fat. after that he makes me feel like i really fat. 
whatsapp with my sis last night and she told me one of the girl that i don't really like lost weight.
Sister really gimme motivation to cut down my weight abit. i want abit enough. 
so i ask my mum to cook me porridge every day. do you think this will work? 
Hmm, i think i will go jogging when i feel like going lol. can ah? can slim ah? 
please tell me yes and please tell me you actually not fat, don't diet don't keep fit. LOL

Last part, I went to Mois last weekend w/ my coursemate and some friends. Lengyein and Sugar Daddy was there as well. but to be honest, they are not that good if compare to 24herbs, the hong kong artist. 
but still, i enjoy partying w/ them because it was the first time i get to go clubbing w/ my coursemate!
The feeling is totally different haha. finally i can go club w/ people same age with me. 
i can feel myself growing up thou. haha! more to come more to come. :)

 People accidentally took it and sent it to me. lol. *chok face*
Kaan & your truly. :)

@lisayeoh (follow her on insta)
@ladyyeeyee (follow me on insta/twitter) :)

teehee, had a grear night w/ all these great people! *loves*

 so high!

 ok. hello bye bye.

last but not least, end up this post w/ my pix but without my face :D
 i will work harder to achieve my goals. *pinky promise*

everyone has their own story, own secret that they don't want others to know.
if they want to tell, they will tell you eventually. no fun if we force right?
no matter how hard the situation is, just hold on and hang in there. 
don't give up easily. :)

# be happy everyday. :)

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