Monday, October 8, 2012

birthday celebration.

my girls & I had my earlier birthday celebration @ TGIF' gurney paragon. 
Thanks for celebrating w/ me and thanks @jiayin for the treat. :)
You guys are the best girlfs for me and i cannot afford to lost either one of you. 
Thanks for making my high school and college life so beautiful. :D
I have found the meaning of friendship, v(^w^)v

My meal. :)

The leftover. lol.

OOTD. :)

all familiar faces besides Miss. Lim Kai Yun. :)
She's my new friend hahaha. say Hai to her.

 Vv & me.

Vv & Zy. :D

so called huan nan zhi jiao! thanks for the surprise cake! :D
Taste delicious. it would be nicer if u bought me the whole biji of cake haha!

two pretty girls. :D

Smart FF and pretty wo.

ignore me. i got no idea why i upload this pic. 

again . Jz and me. :D

i was thinking.... hmmm. WHERE'S MY CAKE. HAHAHA

V to the A to the I to the N. 

Then we went to have a short visit to the street arts. couldn't finish the whole journey because of the weather.

Ff / me. :D

end this post w/ my pix.

Love, ladyyeeyee.

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