Friday, October 12, 2012

# 8teen.

Here I come again in a lazy friday night, lazy to do revision but i think i will probably study a bit after i blog. :)  cause the AS/A2 test in starting next week. OH TIME FLIES. *faint* alright so it is nothing to be happy or excited after finally being eighteen or legal. I can feel the pressure is on, that is not good at all when you're really growing up. I wish i could go back all the old times. i miss my childhood. Awhh. but i still hope for the best, that my eighteen will turn out be a great one, have a great year before i step into nineteen. :) my birthday wish list is simple and normal. I just want my family members to be happy and stay healthy always, and I hope my brother is happy now up there, i will live the fullest and happiness behalf of him. * i swear * i've been missing him for the past 5 months. every morning when i open my eyes, the first one i think of is him. The one that i think of every night before i sleep is him too. I really miss him. & i hope you know i miss you. T_T okay and yah. i hope i can pass my A levels, so i can continue to achieve my dreams. :) So on, i hope i can buy many stuff as i want. :D  I still enjoy my single life some how, so i don't rush for any relationship. Good things come for those who are willing to wait. I'm waiting. hehe. :) 

Credit to Fong Fei my sister haha. :D
i like it a lot but my face like kena crop rawr. but still thank you. :)

Again this is from her. haha. She sent me on 12 sharp. :D 

Friday morning, birthday breakfast treat from @vivan. :)
I had 'Break O day ' . Superb breakfast! :D
i miss the breakfast now. T_T

Then koko & jocelyn came and join us :D

Meet two pretty girls! :D

She has a doraemon hand!*if u know what i mean* :P

Nando's as lunch. :')

I got the biggest present in my life lol. Thank you so much. =)

dinner @ Daorae. Traysom choose the place not me lol. But i like their food. :)

AmerlyHan on the left , Wanyin on the right. both also younger than me. ok im getting older and older. T_T

WENG KOH. Thanks for everything, like again? :)

at first they lied us that we don't have any birthday cake on our birthday. Traysom and I was like Meh, ok we should go get one by ourself if not very no face lor!! LOL but at the end they came up with one tiramisu cake TEEHEE. *seriously happy like a kid* :D:D 
I CAN HAS A CAKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY. but please i need to share w/ the stupid traysom lol!
Ya it's the second year that we celebrate our birthday together. so at the same time, we promise each other that we will celebrate our birthday together again next year in KL haha. if both of us still alive. and i hope WENG KOH MUST BE THERE WITH US! :)

Thank you thank you. haha!
The best cake i ever had :)

Traysom got me this purse as my birthday present and i actually got him a pair of converse shoes as his birthday present. It's like we're exchanging present and non of others buy us present. T_T
haha nvm la who ask me born to be so normal and simple so no fans no people buy me present. haih. *sigh*

w/ all those important people haha.

Happy birthday to us. :D

Bill for 20 persons about 900plus. LOL 
Thanks for the treat. birthday eat what also free hahaha. this is what i enjoy the most. i hope i birthday everyday. LOL

The day that i will never forget. :)
Love, Ladyyeeyee.

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