Sunday, August 4, 2013

Escape @ E-Curve

Have you heard about Escape room?
What is the escape room?
Read this.

The Escape room in E-curve consists of six different themes of escape room chamber, each of the chamber has their own storyline. What you need to do is focus on every single detail they given to you, and find the way out! You will be given 45 mints to escape from the room. If you successfully escape from the room, there are some mystery prizes waiting for you! :)

The six themes they have for the escape game are, Pirate ships , The Mysterious room, The slaughter house, The Prison Break, and The Mummy.
Each room can fit 2-6 person.
So what are you waiting for? 
Find your teammates and GO ESCAPE ;D


So the other day I went there w/ my collegemates, We tried to escape from the mysteries room but unfortunately, we did not manage to escape from the room within 45 mints. T_T
all of us are not smart enough i assume haha!
I think I'll go again with my boyfriend and his friends! HEHE.

The normal price for the entry is MYR32 - per person.
Remember to bring your student card, because it is slightly cheaper! 
MYR28 - per student. :D

Go try it out !!!
You will have a lot of fun and squeeze a lot of brain juice lol :D

#throwback my old pix . :P

I'm going back to hometown again for the RAYA holidays!
& please say bellow to my semester break! :D

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