Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kaffa Cafe @ China Street, Penang.

Hello from penang! second blog post for November! :) Ya, i'm trying to make sure myself to do 4 post a month which mean i will blog once a week. *hardworking girl* Trying not to give up my dream.
What's my dream? To be a good blogger. :D


Mum's colleagues bought some fine-dining voucher from living social .
Since i'm coming home, mum asked them to buy another two voucher for sister and me. :)
Ya check out their website, a lot of cheap deals. ! 
The more you buy, the more you save. 

Fine-dining @ Kaffa Cafe only cost us RM15 per-person.
This deal is valid from 17 October 2013 to 17 December 2013.
You get to try their soup of the day and bread Crouton, Main Course you get to choose 1 out of 6.
one drink, and one dessert (ice-cream).
It's really worth it.  :)
But ya, cannot expect too much la cause you only paying RM15 right.
The food is only so-so. Not too good not too bad. i'll rate 2.5/5.
( this is my own opinion)

But what i really like is, I get to spend time with mum and sis. :D
3 person only cost us RM45. not more than that?! WHERE TO FIND IN KL/PENANG?
don't hesitate, buy the voucher. Bring all the important people in your life with you. 
Check them out. :D

Kaffa cafe, they cater all types of indoor and outdoor functions with tailor-made menu to suit your budget.  Indoor private function room is available to accommodate up to 50pax with specially design menu.

For more information and enquiry, please call :

017-5422668 ( Alan )
04-2611016 ( China Street outlet)
04-8905136 ( Straits Quay Outlet)

soup of the day// bread crouton //

Hawaiian Jumbo Sausage//

roasted lamb shoulder//

dessert// chocolate flavour.

blood-sister and me. ehe.
She's my elder sisterrrrrr.

Alright, thanks for reading.
signing off, Sam sam. loads of loves.

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