Sunday, October 20, 2013

The experience of kena robbed.

Hello people, I'm back from my weekend break in Penang. Time to come back to the reality.
Reality kills. Back to this busy cities. Every time before I come back, all of my family members will non-stop nagging me to take care myself because KL/PJ is a SUPER DUPER ULTRA DANGEROUS PLACE.
For the first month I still don't think is this really as scary as what people said or talk about.
But after few months, and i don't really remember when it is. I became the victim aka mangsa. T_T
okay la i admit it was my mistake too cause it was midnight. and I'm alone. arghhh.
But i don't think it will happen if i'm still in Penang. Cantonese we say that those robber 'long sei'.

minor injury, not that serious la and thanks god they didn't rape me. but i kena hit and punch. 
End up I lost my brother iphone 4s ( ya FYI the phone is belongs to my bro who passed away) 
damn fuck i curse them hope they will die very soon or kena bang by car etc. 
And i lost my coach pouch that my uncle bought for me in US. but inside only has MYR20. 
Luckily i didn't went to ATM that night. 
But my IC,Driving licence and also my ATM card all gone.
I remember i still ask them tolong saya, jangan ambil IC and driving licence because i need to fix everything that may cause me a lot of time. 
but at the end also they didn't leave anything ya wtf right. T_T

Luckily one car was driving Myvii passed by and fetch me to the police station and he told me that he kena rompak at the same place one month ago zhun zhun. He even borrow me 50bucks in case i need anything. T_T *touching* Chinese is still the best. ok those robber who robbed me is malay. (Y)
I'm not racist but.. ok you think yourself k. :/

End up I had to fix my side mirror that cost me RM200, then i went to see doctor and had injection cause me around RM200. the phone that belong to my phone is priceless because it was his fav and the last thing that he owned before he passed away. and yeah mum was super sad when she knew the phone is gone but she still comfort me by telling me as long as i'm still alive and everything will be alright. and she actually ask me to go home dont study in KL anymore. 
It was a hard time for me and thanks god i'm still here.
Thanks for everyone who help me out especially my cousin brother Siang. Thanks.

Why am i writing it out after long? It is because i wanna share my experience with all of you.
And ya to those girls who are studying in KL ( same case like me)
please take extra care of yourself. 
I've learn the lesson up.
This place is really scary and dangerous. *don't play play*
if they really want to rompak, just give them everything.
As long as we're still ALIVE.

Try to get yourself a pepper spare or alarm thingy. (may help)

That robber hit my right eye.

I took it with my cousin phone. just right after i did a police report.

It was very painful. mentally and physically.

UGLY ME WITH SPEC. I went to clinic for injection. 

so after few days Apek brought me to TGIF hahaha. cause i couldn't drive and i went to Umobile to get back my phone numb.

ok im fine now haha. Girls, remember take care xx.

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