Wednesday, October 22, 2008

boring day :/

i woke up at 11something today.

it's abit late and i kinda lazy go to school.

so, i absent my klass today. bad student uhh? :X

but its kinda boring T^T  nobody online, nobody sms,nobody to talk to share; wtf*

i missss Vivan loads =/ 

i have nothing to do besides watching tv and online. ewwwwww* /':



i found out this two pichha :X

i took this when i was stand6. nyek ;)

cute uh? got any different?

time past so fast, 

so fast i gonna finish my form2 life.

big girl already i know ;)

baby,i'm misssing you.


where are you?

faster come to me. :X

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