Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween :*)


teehee,i skipped school today.because i follow marmie&aunty went to halloween party.

it was a enjoyable night!!! 

i just wore simple, but i think will get scold from boyf. he will say, "so sexy?!"*i know him well*

party started at 7pm, Traders Hotel ;D 

Loads of candy!! Loads of Foods!!

Me & My Foods !! :DD

after meal, i went to paint my face. so cool man ! i love it much :)

loads of game and had a magic show before the party end.

enjoy w them so much ;) i love halloween. it was the 1st time i join this kind of party.

wowwowowowowow' was a nice experience and hope next year got chance to celebrate halloween w boyf. 

i love comwhoring !!!!

here some picts. view it with your full heart, if not you will regret. :P

boyf waited me for the whole night. but he didnt fat lan zha.

if he let me waited he for the whole night, i sure fat lan zha. *lol

how good was my boyf? *winks*


here all my picts after the party. w my tired face. :X

my auntie with me :)

*ignore my fatty legs please ;X*

*w long hair*

* got feel bor?*

more picts will be update. waittt kie? good night ;)

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