Friday, December 12, 2008

Fall for you.

not in th mood to blog about my camp.
haha, will be update but need to wait th right timing :)
anyway, this article is esp for my darling.
*To someone dont like yokmayokma stuff mia; just ignore*
but for me, its kinda sweeeettt!! because i gona bloggg bout Y-O-U!
babi itu keep chasiao me to blog about him. XD he love to read my blog :D

show you something.

Tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find.

wow* your wallpaper, i nge nge want use this become your wallpaper but not my picture.
know why? lalala~ because; i really impossible to find :P
so please, appreciate me!! i know you always do :D
and you do love me as much as i do. thankyou for everything. and you must thanks back me lah.
know whad to do? bring me go eat holiao lor XD

i feel so safe when i'm w you; because when i'm w you. i ma like a small little girl :D
you will protect me; i no need to worry when i'm w you. SEE!!! opens your eyes see~
i need you so much, and i cannot afford to lost you,darling. *i know you can read my minds*

3 months and 4 weeks we have been together for.
i know its just a short time, and its just start our journey.
but i appreciate every second, every minute when i'm w you. *you can feel it too right?* :D
whad will happen in th future nobody knows, but no matter whad happen;
i wont give up on our loves and we will make it become our endless love story right?
ngek XD *touch untill cry le?* act no need la XPP
just less bully me then enuff. kidding la,babe.*lol

i know my amo sai like shit, but dont try to laugh at me okie?
correct my mistake XD learn from mistake ma =P
you are th one always correct me too,
when im going to th wrong way and nearly bang th wall XD
you always save me =P hor hor hor?
wakaka* nehnehnibubu. i saw your 'ci bang' liao. can fly liao.
LOL hey, long enuff? blah blah blah :P

i am not a perfect girlf, but im always that special gal for you. :)
and i keep improving myself, let you fall on me deeply madly xP
eventhough i keep eating and become sei fei lui you also didnt leave me XD
but act we same same lah. you know i know*. haha.
thankyou darling. =D &please, i want to on diet already :D
REALLY,trust me!!!!!

fall on me tonight okie?
dream of me tonight.
and i waiting for you call tonight.

wow~ sibeh love you.
XD you love me. mwarhs!

Now i'm not the fighter. but if you touch my man.
Bitch, i will kill you.
he is mine :DD

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