Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy monday.

My Monday was very busy.
busy for class, then afternoon duty. After duty still got rumah sukan.
Night got tuition. Monday schedule are totally full. =*(
*but yesterday i did not went for duty! :D *

yesterday went for rumah sukan, yoohoo :D
Jane neh brought her phone. and we hav nothing to do at there.
so we decided to take picts. *CHIK CHIAK CHIK CHIAK*
everybody are looking at us, but we took like nobody business :P
i enjoyed so much w them, they are so sweet :D

yesterday night tuition bahasa Melayu. OMG = =
really tired, and feel like want to sleep. *Merdeka Merdeka?*
it's killing me =/ although im tired, but still online to get my picture from suann, and also drop comment for my beloved 1. nyek ;)

Chinese New year coming soon, exciting?
Dont know, i dont have much new year clothes!!*sigh
i want to meet up w everyone during CNY. i want to get as many angpau as i can. *lol
anyone would like to invite me to their house? wey, let me know ;P

New year new hope!! i hope i be more SEXY? HOT? CUTE? PRETTY?
and i need to study more hard for my PMR. Feb is coming!! PMR is coming. awww*
but as my english tuition said, enjoy the CNY, forget about study, forget about PMR :D

let the picts do the talking ;)
The poser :D
without edit :D *SUN*

w suann and Chankei ;)i use the bottle to cover my face!!
but seriously got FUUUU :D
SUSU & me ~

4 of us~

laughing (:

my fav pose !! xP

again =]


the last pict, Group picture. *ilovethis*

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