Friday, January 2, 2009

Last day of 2008 #

A short update, i don't have the mood to update actually.
but i have nothing to do. a little bit moody now. :-(
i had a hair cut just now, and my hair is damn short now.
that's nothing wrong with the barber. its my own problem.
cannot keep my hair long, because of the fcuking school rules & the fcuking discipline teacher!
i am going to be a form three student after school reopen.
the discipline teacher of morning section is more fierce than afternoon section.
how to survive if my hair is long ? =(
i really miss my hair loads!

talk about the last day of 2008*
went to Queensbay Mall countdown.
Had alot of fun w him and his friends :)
that's a good the end for my 2008 ~
and a good starting for my 2009 =)

My mind is empty now.
Picture :
This guy is going to sick ; he get Flu. *lolOur Advertiser. he is damn funny!!!! (:
this guy currently are still single and available :P
welcome to know him!! *lol
i missss my hair so muchhhhh ;(Happy New Year to everyone ~
hope that's a better year for me.
too many wishes for the brand new year 2009.
Most important, live happy with everything i am, and everything i have.

eating Kit-Kat to make myself dont moody.
Have a break, Have a kit-kat.

sorry for my broken english.
i'm so lazy to type chinese~


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