Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So so broken english! :P

Happy birthday to myself, Me, And I.
i past my birthday w/ my BELOVED School and BELOVED tuition.
went tuition and school as usual. how pity?
Because of PMR.
gonna celebrate after pmr. =)

Oh yeah oh Yeah!
but still i'm very happiie :D:D
Loads of babies and dude wished me happy birthday :)
The bestday in 2009 !

Thanks who wished me through MSN, Facebook, Plurk, Sms, and blog.
I really appreciate it :D
and i will keep it in my heart my mind always

Click here and See
The bloggiie belongs to my Sayang.

Thanks ; you really did a special and sui sui post for me :)

click here and see
The blogger is my another baboo, KaiQi :)
Thanks, she promise bring me gai gai next year!

click click click and you will know who is this!
Huang xiao fei aka Ng suki :):)
Ha ha. loads peoples say we two look alike -,-
what do you think?
I think i'm prettier than her! laugh out loud.
Just kidding okay? don't slap me her fans :P
Bff forever. Oh yea. she did a special birthday card for me!
thank you *Xoxo.

Loooooook here!
Guess who is this? :P
Yea. my Cat Cat!
but she's belongs to robinson already -,-
how sad?
Thanks for your long long post :P
And thanks for accompany me when exam's around.
Burn the oil together you still remember? :P

Click and pay a visit ! no need to pay dah!
Oh yea. Shake it babeh!
this is whad she always said :P
Thanks again har :)
Yea. we all merah merah de =P
Hope you can get a new handphone as soon as possible okay?
TEEHEE *loves

Sexy girl :D

SEXY girl ! Thanks for your short short but meaningful post.
*flying kisses*
Haha. Friendship forever la.

The most touching one
The most touching one, My Chankei baby.
Yea, she's at hongkong now. but she never forget me and US. :)
she bought a burberry perfume for me. OMFG.
The most expensive present i ever received -,-
But i haven't get it. need to wait december she come back.
And we meet meet kiss kiss hug hug only can get :D:D
Thanks alot alot! but still, i felt sorry =(
because her phone lost on my birthday!
Awwww* i promise i will save RM1 each day.
Until i enough money to buy 1 phone for you.
But she said no need -,- You see, She is so so kind :P
I love you, Babeeeeee :D

The pretty
Yea. just short short.
but heart warm warm :D
Thanks loads pretty.
And she's the Legal Big woman okay?
Call her like this :P

know why i'm here?
because i'm freaking angry -,-
and dissapointed!
It's 6o'clock now.
having a science tuition later.

And PMR, 6days to GOOOOO !
Oh yeah. My birthday wishes ;
  • PMR - Straight's A !
  • Stay sweet and happy with everyone!
  • Prettier and Slimmer.
  • more clothes! :P
  • my enemy will love me :)
  • Malaysia boleh!! LMAO!

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