Friday, September 25, 2009

You belongs w/ me :D

Current mood : Hell bored -,-
Current Song : You belongs w/ me
Current Time: 2.15 a.m

Yeah. the very 1st time I'm blogging in the midnight.
Yer, so bored. everyone go to bed left me alone ): ):
Plurk also nobody reply.
Studying Chinese, those 名句精华 *faint
played w/ my webcam just now.
please lahh! study study also can snap picture by using webcam.
Hah. no choise! hate books!

p/s : Shereen went in hospital because of food poisoning ):):
Take care please babeh! too bad i can't go hospital to visit her!
Recover as soon as possible kay?

Birthday countdown - 2days! :P

got to go now.
Have to go to school tmrw.
Gerak Gempur -,- For pmr.

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