Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas :D

Happy belated Christmas peeps! :D

the best christmas ever ♥ ♥

currently in Genting w/ family. im waiting for housekeeping come and exchange the towel with me.
i dont like to share towel with my family =/ and the towel i bring is still wet. Awww*
So slow so slow, and genting are so crowded ! loads of people. *don't have handsome, or maybe i just dont feel they handsome* Haas.=P

i'm waiting to go home, and then get my new phone! i'm fed up w/ my lousy phone la.

anything else to crap? A LOT. but i don't have the time and mood.
and i got a lot of photo to upload again. Haha. must wait for my new post okay? :D

Yesh, thank you santa Claus.
Made my wish and dream come true ;D
i promise to be a good girl okay?!

I guess thats all for now.
Oh no, the room don't have hair dryer. :(

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