Thursday, December 10, 2009

JuscoDay w/ Them. :D

Since i need to wait Dad to come back and talk to him.
i just killed my time by updating my blog.
I update it almost twice a day. Woot*

Yeah, i get the minnie hairband from Autocity.
Only Cost me 10bucks! Haas =]
I guess i will wear it to everywhere ;D
it's cute, isn't it?

So i started to SS. i mean Non-Stop :P

Today i went Jusco. Watched NewMoon.
Yeap, no doubt. for me, it's a great Movie!
Edward And Jacob. Both also mua love!♥♥♥

After that, We just lepak around.
Searching for my Heels. but at the end Xinyee gt one pair of heels.
But i got nothing. -_______- i just bought 1dress and some cosmetic stuff.
The very first time i spent money and bought cosmetic stuff.
I'm growing right? XD Hiao hiao want to make up! Lol.

Let's the photo do talking. :D

Bff :D

The decoration in Jusco.

After Huijoo and Xinyee got home.
Me,Suki and Vincent. We went to Starbucks.
Chit-chat! Still the same, i ordered Chocolate Cream Chip


Taken by Suki ;]

i like this one. Yeap, it's taken by me :P

Got FUUUUU right?

End w/ my fugly picture D;
signing of with
; SiewYeeT.

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