Friday, December 18, 2009

I miss Singapore! i miss SG! i miss SG!

I miss singapore! I miss SG!
Awww, missing th country or missing someone living there?
whdever shit, i'm back from sg. =)

On Our way to Singapore.

Suki and I .
Suffered for 1hour plus.

The first place we went to in Sg.
Makan place!

The welcome food named Carrot Cake. =)
kinda special, but not really delicious. LOL

After that. We went to Bugis Junction.
For shopping. And i like the Christmas decoration.
so nice, how nice if i can go w/ you? =/
Taken by me, Pass or fail?

Me and Suki again =)

# S M I L E !

* Camwhore

I remember we took this in starbucks.
And i just order one sky juice! :P
So exp dah, i mean the exchange rate!

We went to the prata shop in the mid-night.
The food there was AWESOME!
even though its just roti canai XD
Got fuuuu :D
Clariss and me.

Teh Tarik ;D

Thats all about the first day. =)

Second Day.
Woke up about 11something.
prepared everything, headed to Vivo City.
For the meet and greet section w/ Mickeymouse them.

Syok Sendiri before we went out. :P
In clariss Room.

My face look so round and fat. :(
i look so fugly! and she look so sweet =/

Crowded w/ so many people!

Whd to do while waiting for them to come out?
Ambil Gambar dah :P
That's a MUST!

And then they finally out :D

those group picture not w/ me.
Awww. in another cam. which belongs to clariss.
Hopefully she will post it up in FB.

windows shopping only.

Night, We went for the wedding dinner.
the main point we go SG. =)
* i just realize that i don't have any photo of the main character.

i like this pict. =)
3 models :P

Again. =)

Sweet memories!

Clayton and me ;]

Me muaself and I :P

PIGGY mouth =D

i want to be your princess! :(

Eveline and I =)

The super fat me =D

Suki <3

The korean guy and me =)
Name Keenan :D
He's a sweet guy XD
but i know, he's a great singer! =)

i like this pict. Just admit i'm pretty XD
Yesh. i like this 1 too ! =D
being like model =,=
Wow. So sweet =D
i miss all of them! =)

p/s. i was drunk that night.
idknow whter is good thing or bad.
But whdever,that's the 1st time and i guess also the last time!
No more alcohol for me even though thats quite fun for me =/
i so regret i drank so much!
everyone keep laughing at me in the next day.
i knw i did so many stupid things!
good experience ma! :P
'' wo yao ping guan''
'' wo mei you zui '' =P

Thanks to eveline and suki.
For taking care of me =)
So sweet of you two!

3rd day.
Morning we woke up and went to office w/ clariss.
Did nothing in the office. =/
just wait for her to finish her work.
And we gt the news from marina that, the melaka job canceled.
Because of the explosion in the new mall.

Advantages - i no need to stand for more 10days.
i can go to KL and Genting w/ my family.
Disvantages - don't earn $$.

okie back to the topic,
we went to orchard road after she finished her work.

So many Christmas decoration!
Cantik banyak XD

Still we went for prata! as our supper ;D
i miss the plarta ALOT!

4th day ;]

we went to the science center. =/
Sounds weird right?
Go sg science center XD

Did some shopping in dont know which mall.
And then parta again.
Went back to clariss home and pack my stuff.

whd i get in sg ;]
i should get the school bagg. so regret :(
i should get more stuff!
i left more than 50bucks singapore dollar. =/
anyone want to exchange w/ me? XD
i sell you 2.5 :P

so many things XD
because i tot i'm going to melaka =S

The last day ;)

My coach ticket ;D

On th way back to pg :D

the last photo in this trip =)

Not really enjoy this trip.
not really fun for me.
Who want to go sg w/ me?
i want go there for shopping! =/

原来我会偷偷的想你 ;(
Awwwww. i feel so bad right now.

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