Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town ;D

Santa Claus is coming to town ! :D
Santa Claus, Can you hear me?

Christmas is just around the corner.
Guess everyone's waiting for christmas.
Haha, even though i'm not celebrating.
But still i like christmas =]
i like the decoration. i like santa claus!

I'm not that greedy. Just that my phone has spoiled ;(
I want a New Phone from Santa claus. Can it be?
you know my house address? i can just email to you if you want :P

And PMR result's coming out. Just like so SOON!
i'm not greedy. I want more than 5A's. i mean 5a's and above.

I want to put braces.
i want to learn guitar.

Thats all i want for my christmas.
\ santa claus santa claus! :]

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