Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Picnic And Gua Tempurung ;D

being JungleGirl for two days :P
Been Kedah dont know which waterfall for picnic.
And the nxt day, i've been to Perak Gua Tempurung.

Had a great time w/ them.
seriously i guess i should go something like camping or jungle tracking more.
Woohooo ;D

protect our mother nature. they are so pretty awesome!
♥ ♥ Green.

Mum asked me not to swim. Being a Good girl , i keep camwhore. =p

My cute cousin, MingJay.

My korkor and mingjay!

Good Daddy and cute son ;D

# take one

# take two
# take three
#take four

Aunty and MingXiang ;]
They from Kelantan!

These people are trying to kill themself =/

Weeee !@#$%^%&

i like this one XD

Dead? =/

Wow. he look like 'liew ching yun'?

Booo. The blogger ;D

Being here. :D

Sekali lagi XD

Xiang Xiang XD

He's currently single :P

Ming Han. Same age w/ me ;]

Weee. Natural look ;D

Four of us ;D

Jay and Yee <3

Close up ;]

Treee top walk ;D

- Gua Tempurung Day ;]

Giant =p

Whd m i taking?
Batu kapur and all ;D

Han & I .
Syok sendiri XD
Taken by Xiang xiang XD

On the way home ;]
i wish you're by my side.
i keep thinking of you. ;[

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