Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chor 3 :)

i remembered, that day i woke up early.
And then i went to megamall w/ my family. =)
Daddy went there to change his clothes.
Size of the tee-shirt is too small.

We went Chai Leng park for hokkien Mee before that.
Delicious la. but expensive doh when you had smth outside,because it is cny. :X

Evening. Went to Auto city gathering w/ colleagues.
And i met chankei again :D
*thank you Ah boon's mother for fetching me! :)

We went Seoul Garden for our dinner.

Wooot. i like this pict! :)

So, same as this. All taken by ahh yee yee me.

Soo Ching w/ me. The 1st time we took photo! :)

The couple of th day !

Peiming birthday celebration! =)


Ah boon, Me, Sweetie. =D

>left : Huijoo,Chankei,Vincent, Suki.


Before i left. The last photo we took before she go back to HK.

Then i left 1st, Boon How came to fetch me.
headed to Chammaine's house. Her house is huge. LOL
Gambling and watched guy play fireworks.

Went back to mainland, MCD for a short sit LOL
And boonhow sent me homeeeeeeee. ;]

He is kentwyn :)
i won 20bucks from him that night :D

Brothaaaaa :D

Woot. handsomeeeee!

The greatest girl on earth :P

additional :

Wern Wern my cousie.

MingJay. merajuk? :P

last, Man Roo. My cousie tooooo!

it's 3.29am.
Walaooooo eh. Going to sleeeeepppp.
Wait for my chor 4 post okay?! Mwarhs!

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