Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy birthday To another you :)

6th of March, Happy Birthday to Eoh Xin Yee.

You're finally Six-teeeeennnnnnnn ;p
sounds young, but you're getting older.
I knw her since we are standard 4 in primary school in the same class.
And i sat w/ her when the 1st day? or the day teacher exchanged our places.
BoooooYahhhhh. She's skinny and tall yet she love $$$$$$$ :D

She don't like to take picture w/ me, idknow why.
Maybe she thinks she is too pretty. and she don't want to take pict w/ the ugly duck *yap yap :(
Fine fine, she's my emo bfffffff. She always emo wtf. Can you change change your style? :P
Be more powerful even though some times she will slap me, kick me and all.

I love her a lot.
She's adorable.
Guys, she is still single :)
Want to know her?! COME and ask for the information! :D

Stay pretty my girl.
Enjoy your sweet 16 kay?
Will gt you present after the class test!

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