Sunday, May 2, 2010

# Donnie Yan can be my love.


rate : 4.5/5

you know when my blogskin being nice nice, i always got the blogging feeling :) I won't fail. seriously! so if you wanna to keep your blog update everyday, try to change a better or a lovely blogskin for yourself. Trust me, its work! :D
So. today is Sunday. Weekend are always nice :) After sunday, Monday gonna be a bad day. or a hard day. Because i always have th mind not go to school on monday. i still in the weekend mood! No need to wake up early in the morning. no homework, no tuition and etc. RAWR!!!
Back to the topic, look at #1. I watched Ip Man today, with EohxinYee. last mints planned sucess :) Thanksgod! But only both of us. others all cannot. mum not allow cause exam is so fucking around. Yeah yeah yeah. i should start my revision. esp history, all in essay way. i don't want to fail my sej ! and then addmaths and all. FML.
I out of the topic again. COMEBACKKK. yup. IP MAN !
So farking damn nice. i tell you, you must watch it :D :D
I even cried for the master when he dead. So farking pity :( But i really proud of ip man. Teehee :D
And donnie yan, OMFG. so endao so handsome! conclusion : He is AWESOME :)
i was wondering when the movie ended, how nice it could be he is my boyfie and i'm his girlfie ! Hiakhiak*
He will protect me all the time. !@#$%^& then Xinyee wke me up -_______- FINE. Dreaming is good for everyone ;p
oh ya, Try not to compare ip man 1 with ip man 2. somebody said ip man 1 is better than ip man 2 lah. then i was like o__o really meh?! and actully which movie nicer so important meh? the point is, all th actor act well ma. they did their best in the movie. don't compare with one and two la! both movie also nice la! & p/s : proud of chinese! :D
Chinese boleh ! * i should'nt learn taekwondo, i should learn 'Yong Chun' *Lmao!
i saved this pict down from my facebook.
Credits to Ivy Lim Yu Han.
She taken this during the school singing competition! :)
The so-called banner was done by us for support ivy.
Actually not US, only meisze and ct woon was doing during th time!
Haha, but the banner really look nice right?! :) :)
although she did not won anything in th competition, but all of us from 4c1 support her always! :)

#in case you don't know how to read,

It is KARYAO. means jia you. Tambah minyak ;p

lastly, not to forget to camwhored ;p

That's all for now.

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