Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Out w/ Them.

Hang out w/ Loves last Sunday.
Jamine , XinYee , ReeJin , & Me. =)

I went there w/ Xinyee & Reejin first.
Thanks to my sister for fetching us there.

Winter Warmer was the first stop,
Chilling with babes while waiting jamine to join us.

Next stop was Sushi King ;]
Jamine had her lunch there!

Watched Inception at 3o'clock.
FYI, i still don't really understand what is the movie talking about.
Reality? Dream? Inception? *faint o.O"

Had a fun day w/ them(!!!)
I miss Jamine already :'(

#1 ReeJin. i love her big big smile, Don't you?
Don't be sad girl, you can find someone better than him! TRUST ME


♥ all i need is your love.

The joker ; XinYee.

Her smile is lovely! :P

our first love picture :D

Xinyee took this for us.

Ngek ngek!

Three of us!

Sushi king.

# 10
Jamine & me . =)


Wookie, i really do love this pict!!! HAHA
Comel?! XD

She is skinnyyyyy* jeles!!!

Gone wild ;p

Birthday spec LOL


# 17
She doesn't look pro at all :P

# 18
ZIP our mouth, Fingercrossed :D

Woot, They both are taller than me :(

# 20

# 21
she like to kacau banyak -_-

# 22
Don't slap me =P

we were waiting to watch inception.
Outside the cinema.

All of us, nice memories!

# 25

We tweet =)

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