Saturday, July 31, 2010


it's almost 9o'clock, I just come back from Queensbay. It has been a long day for me.
Some how i guess most of KL lang are enjoying themselves at MTV worldshowstage!
too bad i'm not there :(

I missed out the chance to see Katy Perry, Wonder Girls & Tokio Hotel!

Awwww Why KL but not Penang?Grrrr >_<

M'sia biggest concert of the year? :)

Katy Perry!!!
Carlifornia girls rocks! :D

Wonder Girls from Korea !
hot chicks arrrr (^_^)v

I want nobody nobody but you *claps claps*

Tokio Hotel :D

Automaticccc AWESOME !!!

Siewyee put on make up!!!

You don't want to be judge, so don't judge people :)

I went Queensbay for Clinique Star tour 2010! =)

it was a salty salty afternoon because i watched SALT !

Next post is coming up soon :D

Thanks for reading.

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