Sunday, August 1, 2010

Queensbay Clinique Star Tour 2010.

We had a date since he back from nilai.
Thanks for spending a day with me, that's sweet. =)

He was driving his dad car since he never drive his car come back.
he quite punctual on that day :D
I don't like people who always late. =P

My date!

We had our lunch at SakaeSushi.

For me, i would prefer Sushi King than sakae sushi. How about you? :)


Then we watched SALT as we planned!!

Angelina Jolie is freaking awesome HAWT !! :)
I like her lips x100 times! :D

But the movie, i would only say NOT BAD.
if you want me to rate for this movie,


Since that Queensbay was having Clinique Star Tour,
I joined. =)

there was two make up look that you could choose for yourself.
1. Young and Chic
2. Fresh and Natural

I choose Young and chic. =)

i like this shoot, credit to my date :)

Left-handed FTW! :DD

A lot of sui cha bor(hot chicks)=)

You just need to purchase RM30 voucher.
As easy as ABC :P
there's custom-fit consultation by clinique experts, makeup by clinique makeup experts, Hair styled by Salon Espirit, and fashion photo by a professional photographer.

And you may get door gift worth RM130.

Many people were lining up for the makeover!

collect our goodie bag in this booth :)

Most of the girls w/ long wavy hair T_T

clinique products. ;]

My turn hohoho :D

Came out like this. :/

Me and my date. Jealous leh? :P

i set this pict as my facebook profile picture on Saturday night.
and i changed it on Sunday afternoon.
Why? Because most of my friends comment on my facebook,
said that i look totally different!

fine la, i know natural is the best!
I look better without make up? or i look better with make up?

And i purchased 1set of Clinique's 3-step skin care system of cleanse,exfoliate,and moisturize. from Clinique counter,
guess how much it is?
40bucks only!

what you waiting for?
Get skin typed today!

for more details, go to

with make up. FUGLY? :(

Thanks for reading;

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