Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday :)

I went to school as usual, stay back for school for my club activity and then i go home late!
Tired ar, then mummy bought a cake home.
i just realize that, today is my daddy birthday! :)

The worst daughter ever! Dad's birthday but i forgt bout it! :(
I feel sorry to him, so i gave him a kiss as his birthday present. Hee. I love you Daddy! no matter what happen, no matter how fierce you are. i still love you! Family is precious,bear in mind. i appreciate every moment with them, even though we fight sometimes. i care about them, i love them. words just wouldn't enough to express my feeling towards them!

peeps, every relationship between human being are fragile. but except Family.=) They won't leave you, they won't hurt you. They are the best gift from god to us.

once again, Happy birthday Daddy :)
he doesn't like to take picture.
When we sang him a birthday song, he smiled.
I love his smile, because he seldom smile.
& i don't really communicate with him, i don't really understand my dad.
But i swear i will pay effort to understand him!


The cake that my mum bought for daddy :)








cute wasn't it?!

Cam-ho after taking picture for the cake!


since this is a birthday article.

I wish Yeoh Zhi Yue my beloved classmate Happy belated birthday :)
Yeoh Bitch, Happy sweet 16!
sorry i was absent yesterday. i just too lazy to go to school. i knew you had a great birthday w/ others! :)

besides that, Hellow Ah Beh !
Happy belated birthday too! :)
He shared a same birthday with ZhiYue. :P

I ate the strawberry =)

Sorry if i scare you :P


Happy birthday in advance to @karyanC !!!
You're finally legal :P

thanks for reading.

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