Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie day with @JamineGoh

i found this in my very old article. i posted this for my ex-bestf. Time changed everything, i guess i found another bestf, after so long. She's here with me when i am emo. @Jaminegoh, Thanks for everything. She saw my tweet, she knew i moody. She text me. It's been a while when i moody my girls' friends text me. Usually i got more caring msg from boys' friends. She made me feel better. Thank you. Very. Much.

Not only @jaminegoh, there's still another girl who always being there for me. @EohXinYee. :P I love you both loads loads loads! :)

Last minute planned. & We settled all the problem we faced. So, She is my date on Saturday! First day of holidays what, and she just finished her school exam. :) Feel glad to see her! Her hair is so mad long! :P

Sunway Carnival Mall doesn't have much choice, then we decided to go Winter Warmer for our brunch. :)

Look at her happy face! :P

Almost forgot to mention about him, @JunYing. He is working in SunwayC. Met him! & he came Winter Warmer to meet us for a while. They both were so shy! :P

Camera shy. He is wearing blue lens somemore. SuperHiaoGang! :P

My face look damn weird. :S

With my girl, :)

My favorite picture of the day!

After chit-chat and all. Watched Step Up 3 @Gsc Cinema.
Super-Awesome! I want to watch it again :P This movie made i feel like dancing! Hah, TheClubCan'tEvenHandleMeRightNow!:P

After Step up 2, Another movie! Grows Up. Very the funny lor that movie! LMAO! Thumbs up! :)

Last picture of the day,
She made my day!

Last but not least, Thanks @Dexuan for the ride. :)

Thanks for reading,

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