Monday, February 14, 2011


Had reunion brunch @ Canton-I w/ Mum's side family before Chinese New Year. :)
It was great. spending time my family. yeah, we don't lie, don't hide.No secrets between family members.
Don't make the same mistake again & again before it is too late, 
think twice before you take any action, because it might hurt US.
you may think you're right, but i can tell you're not. i know you well.

fav pict of the day. Reflection of sister and mine.

 gong gong is eating. nom nom. YUMMZ :D

popo tooo, i love you popo. i know she doesn't read my blog ahaha. 
but still i wish they are happy every single day. :")

 another half missing, been eaten by my cousin. piggy piggy like my baby :D

yammmm chaaaaaaaaaaa. :)

Mummy and Daddy di tengah tengah. :D
with all the kids. left me, because i was the one who taking this shoots. disadvantage when you're the one who holding the camera or what. :(

Just want to show my face :P

i'm so lazy to blog recently. :(
exam is coming in two weeks time. good luck alibaba.

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