Saturday, April 23, 2011


As time goes by, Mid-term left around 2weeks. 
I don't even touch my book yet. this is so ridiculous and so not be.
But yea i don't know why, can't concentrate nor focus. sometimes i just feel like giving up. :/

anyway, i just want to keep ya all updated. i'm in pink health! Teehee don't worry :P
& yea, i'd a lot of midnight hang out this few weeks. like super depraved. :/
I feel so bad, should cut down more!

my hair is growing, can't you see that?!

Add math / math every single day. -_-

nice effect? 

Teehee i know i look like a pig -,-

& yea, i took this last night before i slept,
and for your info i slept around 4am and wake up around 2pm.

will update more k! *promise* :D

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Adrian said...

Add Math and Math = DIE LOL