Friday, July 22, 2011

Full of love.

It has been quite sometimes.
uploaded part of it only. Just want to do some update. =)
Do enjoy yourself. Kthnxlove. 


I love them, they love me, we're one big family. =)

Handsome together w/ pretty! *fairy tale*

New boyfriend =P

Like this pix so much. both of us look great, don't you think that too? Hees. =)

Mum & Aunty. Da jie and mei mei teehee! 

The blogger!

My life is full of love now. almost everyday! :) 
He filled up everything of mine. He lighten up my life too.
Was so lazy to cam-ho using my own camera, cause i veli rike to cam-ho using his I4.
Can someone buy me iphone 4? or ipod touch enough. Urgh.
So i don't really have pic to blog about. *sigh*
i'll be having the second monthly test on Monday. I'm so gonna die hard in this test. and so, just let it be. 
Baby boy, please send me our pic, so that i can blog about it teehee ;DDD

Wish me luck people. =)
good luck to myself,xx,

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