Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I kept reading other's blog.............. 
and i feel like blogging now. :)
I've been so active and hardworking in blogging now! Hah, that's good, no? =P
everyone have their own way to write/tell their own life,story. so do I. ilove-mywaydotblogspotdotcom is the only thing that i've never give up. I started blogging since i was form 1. I remembered I was using Wretch that time, and I started using blogspot, ilovemyway since i was form 2 until now.. i'm still a typical form 5 student!

I'm sorry baby, things should not goes on that way..... I've made a big mistake.
promise to share everything with me kay? * I want you to be happy * Not only me.
I did not knw you cares about me that much. but i do now. I'll make the same effort to make you happy too kay? Everything will be aite, I'll try my best to tolerate! *swear to god*

patience is the key to success.
Do not let the emotional bring me down, think positive, Be optimistic.

Btw, my birthday is coming so soon. 28th of September teehee :)
oh ya today is MERDEKA DAY. =P
Happy birthday Malaysia, SIEWYEE AND EDWARD BOLEH Again k? :)

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