Friday, September 2, 2011

3rd month.

 Baby oh baby oh baby oh. :)
Teehee the blogger is in the good mood now! *mwarhs mwarhs* :)
Give me you big big kiss teehee loves loves. :)
doing great recently but then I'm so lazy to start my revision. Haih haih. 
Trial trial trial.. exam is driving me crazy. bet I have to do my revision in mid night already. :(

Baby boy 3rd month three month, teehee. Happy to be with youuuuu all these days! :)

Hope you are happy to receive all my present ! Teehee. :)
no matter where are you, no matter where am i, we're always linked together!
We must always appreciate each other, don't give up easily.. ;]
I will always be there for you whenever you needs me.

pretty yeeyee. HAHA :)

nice right? :)
but baby said not really nice. T_T


He got me this. :D
& more to come nyek nyek XD
Thanks for being in my life!

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