Monday, September 19, 2011

Together as one.

the best way to release stress is spend your time with your loves one. :) 
I had a really great time with him, the boyfriend after my trial. talking about my trial..
I just screwed up everything. Yeah. i knew i did not tried my best and yeah that's why my result was this way sucks. & i think i had enough of rest since form 4, it's time to fight for SPM. =)
I'm hundred percent motivated, i believe myself can achieve what I've aim for. 

Now back to my blog post kay. As everyone known, Tutti Frutti is now available in AUTO CITY, Penang.
It's just located beside segafredo. So me and the boyfriend gave it a try. =)

I went there four or five time in a week. This is really crazy!

Nom nom nom *Saliva drops*

RED-red-RED. =P

We had a fight before this, remember what you did. don't forget -__-

Oh hai . da jia hao. zao an :D

Then we went Sunway for Johnny English Reborn. =)
Rate for this movie, 8.5/10.
The movie started, LAUGH.
The movie climax, LAUGH.
The movie ending, LAUGH.
laugh-laugh-laugh ! Enjoy laughing with my baby :)

Then high tea time with the boy and another two couple in Winter Warmer. =)
3 couple sit different 3 tables. Funny right? :P

picha on the right credit to Rong Mito . =)

With him ! =)

Behind the guy with blue t-shirt and the pretty are Nicholas and Wei wei.
& another couple behind them are Dennis and Rong Mito. !

Show time!

Wo hen ke ai shi bu shi? XD

Then taken our dinner @ Khun Tai . The food was just so so. *no offence, this is only my opinion*
Group pix for the guys w/ my boy. This dinner was actually his farewell. before he lave to U and S.

S S . = shiok sendiri. XD 
One more. Everyone looks happy. =)

Next stop after dinner, Auto City. 
The so called happy fun fair. Full of foreigner, and the game was damn expensive.
i played something called discovery with baby and his friends. 
It's turning up and down left to right . 360 degree . *spinnhead*

Last stop, Segafredo. 
chilling session and we left on 11something.

w/ ze flashlight. He looks so damn fat ah baby =P

two couples! :D

My fav pix on the left, and my fav girl on the right. =)

Had dimsum with ze guys on Sunday morning.
Baby and I had a beautiful morning! Tehee :)

cam-ho queen. *don't get jealous*

then the pig join me. *lol* two of us in red without matching. :D

i just can't let go.......................................
somebody you love so much, he is going to leave........
Do you know that i'm fucking love you? :(
to another fucking world. fuck the whole universe.
and the only thing i can do is CRY LIKE A BITCH.
fucker don't leave......................... =(


Tepoh Chew said...

'the best way to release stress is spend your time with your loves one.'

Ahha. I strongly agree with this! :DD

Lady YeeYee said...

Harrow tepoh!