Monday, September 26, 2011

Officially missing you.

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
To be honest, i still can't get used to it. no more text from him, and he seldom call me, because they charged fucking high and expensive. but yeah, we do contact every day. =)
*thanks god* 
but i'm getting better and better day by day. no big deal. Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel, and undeniable our love may travel 9874569789492969 miles away from Malaysia to Us. =P

Handmade for him, i bet he cried so badly on the plane while he was reading it. 
Anyway, i wrote down every single memories between us. total up, there's 40pages. =)
I hope you will like it, my dear!

Colourful. You colouful my life, you paint my life!

The cover page, haha. i draw it myself. nice kan? =P

done, i put it inside. i do not allow him open the present before he leaves. i don't want to see him cry.

We're together as one, even though we can't used to be like last time. meet up everyday, every week. But distance doesn't affect our relationship, we love each other more and more each day. Our love grow stronger. i believe that, you will come back to me one day, and i will go to your side one day. =)
We're fated, we're linked together! :)

Don't you feel like slapping me? but i think that is cute! :P

The pic above was so darn blur, The last night we spent before he leave. =(
I cried so badly.... but yeah. the fact is, he left me for 3days already. HOW FAST IS IT?
Time flies, so teehee dont worry baby we will see each other very soon.

& lastly, we went bikkuri station. He must be missing the dessert there in US.
He told me he no likey the food in US. everyday salad and fries. LOL
jkjkjk, sayang la hun. I promise i'll selfcook for you kay? if you come back secretly to give me surprise! :D
Take care yourself over there k? 

Tmrw is my birthday.... =)
countdown SATU HARI. Who wants to celebrate with me? *hands up*
I'm going to celebrate my seventeen birthday with friends and without him. But it's ok.
He is going to celebrate my birthday and spend his time with me for the rest of his life, Am i right? =P
Happy birthday in advance to myself! *Happy face*

Baby, i wanna be strong, and so that i can protect you =P

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