Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My birthday is just around the corner! Counting down for one week! But...... I'm not really happy at all, not really looking forward for my seventeen birthday.

anyway, i'm just gonna make out some wishlist. i know it's not gonna to come true. just let me shiok sendiri awhile k? *pity face*

  • iphone 4/ iphone 5/ i-touch.
  • slim down.
  • spm straight A's
  • stay happy always.
  • stay cute always. * i know i alwaya do* LOL
  • richer and richest woman on earth wtf haha
  • get to see my boyfriend very soon....
  • go to USA one day
  • don't give up on this relationship easily.
  • a brand new watch
  • some new toys. =P
  • new wallet.
  • new handbag
  • killing heels / flat :)
  • love him more and more.
  • world peace *damn wei da* :D

i think that's all FOR NOW :)
Ciao people! Good night. xoxo.

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